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Kumiałka and Brzozówka river water trail

Kumiałka – Brzozówka trail is 44,6 km long.

The first part of the trail (about 13 km) is along Kumiałka river. In Zabrodzie and Szumowo village area the river flows through a narrow forested valley, which may be difficult to pass due to fallen trees and branches intruding into the river channel. There are two bay areas: near Mielewszczyzna village and in Korycin with a campsite and bathing area.

There is a need to carry the equipment on weirs in Korycin (8,8 km of the trail) and Mielniki village (11,2 km of the trail). We then enter Brzozówka river (31,7 km). There can be lots of water plants in lower part of the river that may form obstacles. However, natural miracles of meandering river with abundant flora and fauna are definitely worth seeing. In the second part of the year going through this trail can be comparable to exploring the Amazon.

When the water is high there may be problem with lower footpaths in Brzozowa village area (Syberia). On the 30 km of the trail, near Karpowicze village, there is a bay with bathing area and a campsite. You can buy food supplies in a local shop.

1 day Romaszówka – Korycin - 8,7 km


0,0 (start of Kumiałka kayak trail) near the bridge in Romaszówka village;

6,3 – bridge in Mielewszczyzna village, a gord, below the bridge, bay:

7,4 - Rudka, historic mill and local road bridge;

8,3 - Korycin, footpath near the bay;

8,7 – managed bathing area, campsite in Korycin.


2 day Korycin – Karpowicze – 21,6 km ( 30,3 km).


0,1 - weir on the bay in Korycin (portage along the right bank);

1,9 – bridge of the Augustów – Białystok state road;

2,5 - weir, portage along the right bank when the water is low

4,2 - Kumiałka and Brzozówka river junction, fine place to rest on the left bank before the bridge

7,3 - ford, you have to lead the equipment when the water is low

9,5 – bridge near Brzozowa river;

10,2 - weir, portage along the right bank when the water is low

18,3 – local road bridge Jatwieź – Poświętna;

21,6 – pass on the bay in Karpowicze village, bring kayaks on the left bank


3 day    Karpowicze -Biebrza river 14,3 km ( 44,6 km)


0,5 – local road bridge Karpowicze – Suchowola;

1,0 – road bridge Goniądz – Dąbrowa Białostocka;

1,6 - weir, portage along right bank when the water is low

6,8 – local road bridge Karpowicze – Jagłowo;

13,3 - local road bridge Zabiele – meadows near Biebrza and Brzozówka river;

14,3 - Brzozówka and Biebrza river junction;

+ 5,1 km - campsite in Dolistowo village ←;

+ 3,7 km - campsite in Dębowio village →

Translated by Joanna Chmielewska; 2014

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