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Sidra Water Trail

Sidra River, left bank tributary of Biebrza, 32,8 km length.

The trail leads through spectacular valley 1 to 2 km wide, partially swampy, largely meliorated, used as pasture and meadow. Trail length from Sidra village Biebrza river mouth is 20 km.

The best option is to start the trail at Water Sports Center (Ośrodek Sportów Wodnych) near the bay, where a campsite exists, or in Siderka village below the portage on 15,3 km of the trail. Sidra river can be a remarkable experience before slow Biebrza trail since visitors should be very cautious here due to lots of riffles. You also have to watch out for low footbridges, tree branches and encroached river bed. There will be portages which depend on water levels. When the level is low, 2 concrete steps are an obstacle – invisible when the levels are high – and concrete floodgates (usually open) with wooden poles behind it.


1. Sidra – Ostrowie kolonia 17 km


0,0 - Sidra  - start on a meadow at a footbridge from the railway station to the village

0,9 -bridge from Sidra to Słomianka;

2,5 – left bank confluence - Bierwicha (Bierwieka);

3,3 - left bank confluence - Mościszanka;

4,8 - Siderka, bridge to Szostaki village, river weir of an inactive mill. We carry the kayak approx 80 meters along the right bank – good place for kayak launching;

8,5 - Butrymowce village on the right bank and a bridge to Grzebienie village;

11,7 – bridge of a route 670 from Dąbrowa Białostocka to Grodno;

13,8 – bridge of a local route from Harasimowicze (Wielki Staw) to Dubaśno;

14,0 – inactive floodgate, below there are remnants of railway embankment connecting Augustów with Grodno;

17,0 - Ostrowie Kolonia, campsite on the left bank near a ditch


2. Ostrowie - Lipsk 10 km (27 km)


2,0 – Park border – strongly meandering river;

3,0 - confluence Sidra – Biebrza on 141,0 km;

+ 7,0 km – managed campsite ←.

Translated by Joanna Chmielewska; 2014

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