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Rudzki Channel Water Trail

Rudzki Channel Water Trail: Modzelówka – Biebrza – 16,7 km

Modzelówka – Sojczyn Grądowy – Przechody – Białogrądy – Osowiec – Biebrza

Rudzki Channel was built in XIX century. There is a river weir in Modzelówka village directing water of Ełk river into a man-made bed. Below the weir Ełk is generally impossible to pass due to inactive river channel, which needs time to be filled with water from bogs.


From Sojczyn Grądowy Rudzki Channel becomes more river-like and meanders. In Osowiec there are traffic and railway bridge and a big riffle. You should be careful due to sharp stones at the bottom. At the channel confluence to Biebrza river, after turning left, there is about 3 km against the tide to Osowiec Twierdza (Bóbr campsite) and Biebrza National Park Headquarters. You can also walk an educational path to Biebrza river (TOE Osowiec) and obtain entrance cards and permits for further canoeing along Biebrza.


0,0 Modzelówka, weir and bridge;

2,9 Sojczyn Grądowy, bridge;

8,5 Przechody, traffic bridge;

12,7 Białogrądy, traffic bridge;

15,7 Osowiec, traffic and railway bridge;

16,7 Ełk confluence to Biebrza.


CAUTION! From 1 January to 30 June from Osowiec (traffic bridge and railway bridge) to Biebrza village, you should obtain not only the entrance card for canoeing in Biebrza National Park  but also canoeing permit.

Translated by Joanna Chmielewska; 2014

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