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The Biebrza River water trail

 Rogożynek - Lipsk 7,5 km

Rogozynek village - a proper spot for begging canoe or kayak trip is on private property at the opposit site where local road turn left
0,5 confluence of the Biebrza River and the Sidra River on the left
7,0 bridge on Dabrowa Bialostocka - Lipsk road; just after the bridge (on the left) the narrow channel goes directly to the campsite
7,5 campsite in Lipsk, harbour, swimming pool; accommodation in private houses, grocery stores, pharmacy, post office, bus stop; museum, tourist information

Lipsk - Kamienna Nowa 16,6 km (24,1 km)

0,0 possible canoe launching at the basin at campsite at Rybacka street; canoe along the ditch, which links basin with the Biebrza river
0,4 before bridge on Lipsk - Dabrowa Bialostocka road - turn right with a river current; inaccessible wet banks with dense vegetation
4,6 drainage dith to the Jałowo mineral island with observation tower on the left
11,6 confluence of the Biebrza and the Kamienna River on the left
16,4 road and railway bridge (Ostrowie Biebrzańskie train stop in a distance 1 km)
16,6 campsite without any infrastructure on the left bank of the river; blue tourist route, which after 3 km reaches the forest lodge Trzyrzeczki and “the Forest” educational trail

Kamienna Nowa - Podhorodnianka 14,2 km (38,3 km)

3,2 confluence of the Biebrza and the Lebiedzianka River on the right; in the distance Krasnybor village with Gothic-Renaissance church built in 1589
13,1 bridge on Bialystok - Augustow road; in the distance Sztabin village
14,2 campsite on the left bank, shelters, sauna (the only one at the Biebrza trail)

Podhorodnianka - Sztabin 1,1 km (39,4 km)

1,1 campsite on the left bank (tel. 087 6439750); accommodation in private houses; grocery stores, pharmacy, post office, primary school with historical exhibition dedicated to the Sztabinska Republic and its creator Karol Brzostowski

Sztabin - Dębowo 18,2 km (57,6 km)

4,7 Dwugly village on the left; poles visible in the river bed are the remains of the old bridge on the road Suchowola - Augustow
10,3 Jaglowo village with many old wooden houses on the left bank situated on the dune among peatlands; private campsite behind the bridge on the left
11,9 bridge on Jagłowo - Dębowo - Mogilnice road
18,2 Dębowo village - private campsite close to the river on the right; private campsite close to Debowo Lock built in 1826 - 1827; grocery store; information board devoted to the Augustowski Canal

Dębowo - Jasionowo 1,9 km (59,5 km)

0,5 confluence of the Augustowski Canal and the Biebrza River
1,9 Jasionowo village; private campsite on the right; possibility of hiking trip to the forest of Czerwone Bagno (Red Marsh) - famous Elk refuge (5 km)

Jasionowo - Dolistowo Stare 6,9 km (66,4 km)

1,8 confluence of the Biebrza and the Brzozowka River on the left
6,3 wooden road bridge
6,9 campsite (shower, toiltes) on the left (owner: local goverment), church built in 1791, accommodation in private houses; grocery stores, pharmacy, post office, health center

Dolistowo Stare - Wroceń 6,3 km (72,7 km)

5,9 a fork of the river; we canoe with left arm to campsite
6,3 campsite on the left (085 738 3926)

Wroceń - Goniądz 11,7 km (84,4 km)

3,4 confluence of the Biebrza River and the Elk River on the right
7,5 Dawidowizna village on the left
11,6 concrete bridge at Goniadz - a small town with a spectacular view of the Biebrza River; Neobaroque church (1924), town square from the XVI c., the remains of jews cemetery with about 30 matzewas
11,7 campsite on the left bank (open IV-IX, shower available), accommodation in private houses and hotels, grocery stores, bars, pharmacy, post office, bus stop in the town; observation tower (500 m north of the bridge)

Goniądz - Osowiec 7,4 km (91,8 km)

2,4 Szafranki village on the left bank
6,2 the moat of the Osowiec Fortress on the left; the central fort of Osowiec Fortress in the forested area built by the Tsar at the end of XIX c.
6,8 wooden road bridge
7,0 narrow channel on the left goes directly to campsite (100 m below the bridge);
7,4 THE “BÓBR” (BIVER) CAMPSITE, BOATS AND CANOES FOR HIRE, shower available; educational trails of the Field Educational Centre; bar, bus stop; in a distance of 1500 m - The Headquarters of the Biebrza National Park (085 738 06 20), Tourist Service Office, bar, grocery store, post office, train stop.

Osowiec - Biały Grąd 14,3 km (106,1 km)

0,5 the Biebrza River, turn left
1,2 road and railway bridge
2,7 confluence of the Biebrza River and the Rudzki Canal on the left (kayaking trail “Łaśna Struga” from Borecka Forests)
4,2 "Pale" (poles) range; poles of the old bridge, as the remains of Sweden Army crossing the river in 1708, visible at the low water level
8,6 the river splits into two channels, right fork with a strong current is a shortcut (2,5 km), the river makes a sharp meanders on the main current
14,3 Bialy Grad - campsite with observation tower (camping allowed from the 1st July!); turn right into the old river-bed; 3,5 km from the campsite - Mscichy village, grocery store

Biały Grąd - Brzostowo 22,7 km (128,8 km)

The Biebrza River flows through the deserted valley for many kilometres
12,1 Gora Pawlowa hill on the right
13,6 barely visible confluence of the Kosodka River and the Biebrza River on the left
14,7 confluence of the Biebrza River and the Wissa River on the right; Kobielne forest on the left
22,7 Brzostowo village situated near a wide, sandy river bank; 4 private campsites, accommodation in private houses; mobile shope in a van a few times a week (ask local people); grocery store in a distance 2 km in Mocarze village

Brzostowo - Burzyn 6,0 km (134,8 km)

2,5 ferry boat at Mocarze village
6,0 campsite on the right bank in Burzyn village, 250 m from church; observation tower with excellent view; grocery store, post office

Burzyn - Ruś 10,9 km (145,7 km)

4,0 Rutkowskie village on the right
7,0 Wierciszewo village on the right
8,5 confluence of the Biebrza and the Narew Rivers; the medieval rampart between Sambory and Rus village
10,9 Rus village on the right before bridge on Łomza - Bialystok road - good place to finish a canoe/kayak trip on the Biebrza River; bar, accommodation in private houses; close to the bar - a few matzevas of destroyed jews cemetery

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