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The Jegrznia River trail, from Rajgrod to Osowiec-Twierdza

Jegrznia, Ełk, Biebrza

0,0 - Rajgród, the Jegrznia River flows away from the Rajgrodzkie Lake
2,5 – Wojdy village, water mill (necessity for carrying canoe/kayak along the left bank)
6,5 - confluence of the Jegrznia River and the Drenstwo Lake
7,8 - the Jegrznia River flows away from the Drenstwo Lake
10,5- Woźnawieś, concrete bridge
12,9 - Woźnawieś, wooden bridge
15,9- Kuligi village, concrete bridge, Biebrza N.P. border
17,8 – begining of the Woznawiejski Canal on the left
19,1- Kuligi village, wooden bridge
23,3- Ciszewo village, wooden bridge
28,3 - confluence of the Jegrznia and the Elk Rivers
36,0 - barely visible the Lek Canal on the right
38,6 - the remains of the old bridge on the Elk River
47,3 - confluence of the Elk River and the Woznawiejski Canal
56,5 - confluence of the Elk and the Biebrza Rivers
60,7 - Dawidowizna village on the left bank
64,5- Goniądz, following the bridge campsite on the left bank
66,8 - Szafranki village on the left bank
71,4 - Osowiec- Twierdza, wooden road bridge
71,5 - narrow channel leads to campsite on the left
72,0- the "bóbr" (biver) campsite at Osowiec-Twierdza



  • autor: A.Wiśniewski

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